Emperor Trump and Friends in Burning Man

The epic psychedelic war tales, between clans from the far left and the extreme right, for ethical supremacy.


Book fragments:

Emperor Trump and his friends visited the Burning Man event, in the Nevada Black Rock desert, excited with the idea to burn a man as promised in the advertisement, in the belief that the event was a white supremacist festival. The nostalgia is over, marking the renaissance of the Ku Klux Klan traditions from their glorious golden years of racism, a time when the universe was in perfect white equilibrium. And burning a black man is the perfect offering for the “Great Oracle of Greatness” and the right path to “Make America Great Again”. Some attendants believed it was Obama, but who knows, Emperor Trump Avant Garde hate manifesto now include Mexicans, other minority groups and marginalized communities. A well balanced hate investment portfolio.

But things didn't occurred as planned or expected because a liberal progressive Shaman has plans of his own. The liberal progressive Shaman invite them to his tent and they drink a shake of Psilocybe portoricensis hallucinogen mushrooms in the belief it was a healthy smoothie of white truffles, because they don’t like the black ones, although that the black truffles are considered by the connoisseurs as more desirable for better attributes and therefore more expensive. The hallucinogen mushrooms were smuggled to the Nevada Black Rock desert by a Puerto Rican slave as contraband in the luggage of messiahs Bernie Sanders when he visited the Puerto Rican archipelago prophesying the end of the colony.

The collection of tales narrate a psychedelic political odyssey developed in the surreal land of Burning Man event and the magic psyche of hallucinogen mushrooms after the liberal progressive Shaman launched a hallucinogen bomb “H-Bomb” intended for mass spiritual and political illumination. The liberal progressive shaman made a huge mistake by broken the first law of tripping: never give hallucinogens to an insecure person without a tripping coach. Immediately after the H-Bomb exploded, is when President Trump suffer an overdose from the shake plus the H-Bomb also enhancing in his personality an overdose of narcissism culminating in the self-proclamation as Emperor Trump. In his psychedelic trip Emperor Trump decided to use a deductively valid argument of logic, for the first time in his entire life, and not his traditional fallacies that made him an elected president.

The classic example of a deductively valid argument is:
(1) All men are mortal.
(2) Socrates is a man.
(3) Socrates is mortal.

In Emperor Trump argument example he deducted the following:
(1) All empires have colonies
(2) Puerto Rico is a colony of the Unites States of America
(3) The United States of America is an empire and the maximum leader of an empire is an emperor not a president

It is simply not possible that both (1) and (2) are true and (3) is false, so these arguments are deductively valid. And this was the classical logic President Trump used after the H-Bomb exploded and his narcissism increased exponentially culminating in his self-proclamation as Emperor Trump. He immediately abolished The Presidency and as Emperor with absolute powers The United States Constitution was in real danger. This ignite a great war of epic proportions between the cluster of ideology clans from the left and Emperor Trump followers from the right while all clans were visiting the Burning Man event.

Ok, pause, I understand when you think it is impossible that Trump can handle a basic classical logic argument like the previous examples, but this is fiction! And if you can move on after Putin intervening with our sacred democracy, then you can move on with the idea that Trump can manage simple structured concepts from the theory of knowledge. And remember that Psilocybin always augmented the brain sensory and conceptual thinking capabilities. Is better to accept the fictional idea that Trump is logically intelligent with the following equation:

Psilocybin brain super powers + Trump = A super villain Emperor Trump.

Everybody knows that his limited bursts of intelligence are chemically induced by the hallucinogen mushrooms.

In the tales, the ideas of the far left collide with the will of the extreme right in a battle for ethical supremacy to define what we really are as a Nation. But the fabric of our nation is complex and has more than two yarns is not as simple as left or right, we need more conceptual yarns represented by a whole universe of characters, institutions and symbols, and they will be provided in the tales. The following is a small sample of characters, ideas and fragments from the tales:

• Hillary Clinton, obviously, is the main character of one of the tales. She escape from a psychiatric institution after been hospitalized for intense treatment as a consequence of losing the elections to an orange clown and her deep madness required a straitjacket. And although she is not in her prime due to her mental illness, Hillary super ego is still strong and never forget she is as resilient as a microbe living in the hot sulfur vents from hell. She escaped from the psychiatric asylum to be part of the war against Emperor Trump in burning Man. Hillary character is always wearing the straitjacket in the tale. At the end she had the opportunity to prove that she was destined for something grandiose and to be remembered in the history books as a heroine. And there is only one way Hillary could be a heroine, she need to blow herself as a human bomb for the left coalition cause, to save the ruins of the Democratic Party. Hillary self-immolation as a human bomb is probably the only thing the far left ultra-liberals and the extreme right they ever agreed to be beneficial for the nation and the human race.

• Messiah Bernie Sanders preaching the socialist heaven paradisiac utopia. I (the author) am from the Puerto Rican Slaves Clan and the problem with members from my clan is that we do not have the liberty to choose the clan we belong, but if I were a free citizen that could vote, I would choose Bernie's clan, initiating myself as a Bernie Brother of the utopian faith. And for those who call him crazy Bernie selling unachievable utopias, like snake oil, remember the John Lennon song “Give Peace a Chance” all we are saying is give utopia a chance. The character of Messiah Bernie Sanders is a liberal revolutionary martyr, who want to overthrow Emperor Trump totalitarian government and the interests of the oligarchies with their selfish economic model, to place the human rights at the center of the social universe.

• Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte as “The Asian Head Hunter” and advisor of Emperor Trump in genocide affairs was invited by Emperor Trump to his Burning Man camp. Duterte in his bad trip (with Duterte is always a bad trip) decided to hunt drug users in Burning Man, a real massacre if he succeed. With a special decree from Emperor Trump, Duterte initiated an experimental trial to genocide and liberals eradication who are believe to be heavy users of Cannabis. A chocolate brownie made with Hashish butter or a lollipop with a THC oil core could cost your life in this edition of Emperor Trump in Burning Man. The first group of liberals targeted were the camp from the sixties peace and love Woodstock hippies, who also participated in protests against discrimination and the Vietnam War. These idealists’ antiwar pacifists, defenders of the human rights, were the perfect target to start the eradication campaign because they symbolize the heart of the far left liberals.

• Anthony Weiner as a member of the porn clan, and don't underestimate this clan, this is the most powerful clan in terms of numbers. If this clan turn to the left or right they can incline the balance of power to any side win the war. One of the ten principles of Burning Man event is: “devoted to acts of gift giving”, and the porn clan gifts are: condoms, free erotic massages, strap on dildos molded from Anthony Weiner own sacred penis, Yohimbine aphrodisiac suppositories, etc. The porn clan has the most sophisticated and pleasurable installation from all the camps in Burning Man with sex machines like a Disney rides themed park. An extremely creative and talented clan, creators of the Kama Sutra Hamilton Orgy Broadway Musical for those who are brave enough to explore the true meaning of liberty in The Constitution. After the H-Bomb explosion, like Emperor Trump, Anthony Weiner self-proclaimed as a porn supreme priest from the order of the 1st chakra (Root Chakra) located between the anus and the genitals. I am going to describe this clan camp and their toys, pleasure devices, installations and rituals with extremely seductive Hyperrealist style and Hyperboles in such a way that you are going to beg me to publish the 3D printer stl. files to make those toys. But I am not sure current 3D printers PLA polymer technology is capable of such extreme frictions without melt. The porn clan camp is located in the neutral zone and is an oasis In the middle of a cruel and ruthless war.

• Lindsey Graham and the “Castrato Terrorist Group” more feared than ISIS because they don’t behead heads. This tale is about the first castrato senator of the USA. The tale is not related to the story of “il castrato Farinelli” Italian singer, Lindsey Graham skills with his throat don’t involve his vocal chords.

• The Great Oracle of Greatness and the alt-right supreme priest Stephen K. Bannon.

• The Oracle of Global Warming, pragmatic scientists considered by the right coalition as heretics and persecuted by an inquisitor also known as Scott Pruitt, the Emperor Trump EPA agency nominee.

• The Great Purge, a purification rite in which clan members confess sins against their liberal or alt-right faith. Situations like an alt-right member confessing the use of a huge black dildo for pleasure. Specifically the famous Obama-Kong dildo, a massive weapon for white supremacists anal destruction, used in secret by many alt-right members who lost the ability to have orgasms. Or a wealthy liberal confessing the exploitation of a housekeeper as a sex slave. The rite is performed to purify their souls as a “Tabula Rasa” to be the perfect recipients for the doctrines be imprinted.

• Sarah Palin as Emperor Trump psychotic jester. This is one of the most challenging characters to develop because the psychosis of Sarah Palin is a complex Kafkaian labyrinth. Is like the Kafka novel “Der Process” (The Trial), but in reverse when the ignoramus individual is the one that put the whole state and society in a nonsense labyrinth of incoherence repression. There are many myths about her bizarre condition: One story tell that she suffer an extraterrestrial abduction and the aliens removed her brain as part of the experiment, and other people say the abduction story is true but the aliens never found a brain. The undeniable truth is that it is easiest to decode and understand an ancient death language than her hermetic plain English. Her brain damage is a very costly health pre-condition and only Obamacare can guarantee she is not going to be dumped by her health insurer. Her condition serve us as an inspiration to design a game for kids and parents to create awareness of the importance to have a healthy brain and we announce the creation of the game “Pin the Brain on Sarah Palin Jester”. The game is an adaptation from the game “Pin the tail on The Donkey” but instead to pin a tail you pin a brain on a brainless Sarah Palin jester cartoon. The game is available for sale to raise funds for the book.

• The greed from the oligarchies and Wall Street and their antithesis movement “Occupy Wall Street”.

• The Goat Sucker mysteriously appear in the Nevada Black Rock desert of Burning Man event. In absence of goats the supernatural beast started sucking the brains from the left coalition that are bigger and juicier with healthy neurons capable to produce good ideas that always taste better than the damaged and rancid brains spoiled by hate ideas from the right coalition. The supernatural Goat Sucker sense the toxic brains from the Tea Party camp, and as a matter of fact, the Goat Sucker never attacked a member from the Tea Party Clan. The left coalition convoked an emergency meeting to address the situation. A war against Emperor Trump fascist predators of the constitution in one front and in other front fighting a supernatural predator sucking the brains from the left knights, defenders of the United States Constitution. This is a war in two fronts the left coalition can’t win. And when all hope was lost a man emerge as a hero and as usual the hero came from the most unexpected place, the porn clan. The porn clan sexual beast Anthony Weiner with his lust horny superpowers is the only one who can clash and defeat a supernatural beast like the goat sucker. Believe me when I told you this is going to be one of the funniest tales from the book, Anthony Weiner sexual beast vs. the supernatural Goat Sucker, an epic clash of titans.

Emperor Trump and Friends in Burning Man tales are a political and social satire in the style of confrontation against the establishment like the Marquis de Sade did in his time and with the frame narrative as structure like The Decameron tales by Giovanni Boccaccio. The Decameron tales take place in Italy during the time of the Black Death plague, and you can said Emperor Trump in Burning Man tales take place in United States during the time of the death of blacks as an epidemic. Two societies suffering the devastation of the plague, one biological in the form of a virus the other psychological in the form of hate. Unfortunately the last one is more difficult to eradicate.

You can expect battles like in the movie Gangs of New York with people from different point of views grouping in clans of ideology and all clans forming alliances. The characters are pierced, with gorgeous tattoos and beautifully painted and ornamented accordingly to the theme of their clans in the dessert esthetic tradition of the Burning Man event. There are esthetic similarities with the Mad Max movies like the desert setting, creative costumes, mutant vehicles and you can said Emperor Trump is like Immortal Joe and Ivanka is like The Splendid Angharad character. Also there are some differences, for example: Immortal Joe from a dystopian world has a hair stylist with more skills and he knows how to grow Cannabis hydroponically in his tower. But the big difference is that in the Mad Max war conflict traditional bombs turned the land in to a wasteland and in Emperor Trump and Friends in Burning Man, the bombs of hate and fear destroy us spiritually transforming our souls in to a wasteland. This war between ideology clans wasn’t triggered by the scarcity of natural resources like in the Mad Max movies, it was triggered by the scarcity of respect for human rights from Emperor Trump and the dawn of United States of America fascist golden era.

I am an utopist ultra-liberal: a liberal who is so liberal that scare liberals. And with this work I want to share my humble contribution to “The Resistance”.

Scenarios that put in danger the completion of the book:

  • A nuclear war with china
  • Emperor Trump dislike the book and sends the secret service to arrest me for treason and then sends me to Guantánamo to be tortured by forcing me to watch videos from his rallies.
  • A non-hoax climate change triggered a category 5 hurricane destroying my humble wood cabin with me inside.
  • My prayers were heard and aliens abduct me to another galaxy to live there as a free happy citizen until the earth heal from the Trumpmagedon mass extinction.